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Urban Family Session with the {Spurger Family}

Oh How I wish I was better at blogging my sessions – If only I could blog the session the second I get home. I am 7 years into this gig and still rush home and upload and cull all the images. I

Soccer Tournament – FC-Dallas 05

Labor Day Weekend Soccer Tournament – Our boys played their hearts on and ended up losing the last game to overtime penalty kicks. I am not even going to pretend to be a sports photographer

Kaytlin and Auntie Katie come for a visit.

I am learning more and more that there is a total disconnect with me and social media. It just seems like such a lonely place to me. I am still one of those people who would rather talk on the phone

Wyoming – First stop – Park Cities, Utah

So here I am blogging our Wyoming trip – WAY earlier then I ever thought I would . I had a few people reach out and ask us about the details of our trip and if I had any insider tips. I have

The LaBianca Box Trip

{written from the heart… so expect some grammatical errors that will eventually be fixed within the first week of me reading this post again… and again… and again)   So you may

Finally unpacked the beast known as my underwater housing unit

So I brought what I lovingly call “the beast” – because I know its fun to try and capture something that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to capture. I have this problem though- I really

Lifes a beach

I am on a roll aren’t I? I told my husband I think we went to the beach more then people who live at the beach go. If I am being totally honest – I am still not used to seeing my children face

Cake By the Ocean

Ok -So we celebrated my 42nd birthday driving to Boca Raton. We Made it to Destin after 10 hours in the car and decided to spend the night there and celebrate and while we didn’t have Cake by the

Colorado or Bust (Image Heavy – You have been warned)

Finally getting around to blogging some pictures from our trip to Colorado. The interesting thing is that I really was BAD (for me) at documenting Colorado once I finally got there. It is much easier

Roadtrip to Colorado { Day 2 }

Ok – so I managed to convince my husband to drive an extra 3 hours so that I can do something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! I love camping – I mean down and dirty –

Roadtrip to Colorado {Part 1}

Whenever I tell my friends that we are going on another road trip they gasp in horror – as if it is a fate worse then death to be stuck in a car with children for longer then 3 hours. I don’t

Shelby – Class of 2016

Gorgeous senior that I had the opportunity to shoot last fall. This girl makes photography easy and so much fun. The best part of shooting her is that she is just as gorgeous on the inside as she is

Another day… another bathtime.

Yes I know…seriously -it’s like they take baths everyday – jeeze. Oh wait a minute – crap – they do.Look – my days are filled with, bathtime, school, sports,


So I don’t know what happened but oddly enough when baby #3 came into the mix – my husbands travel schedule picked up…. coincidence… I think not. I am fortunate for friends

Photographia Por favor

Shooting in another country wasn’t just mildly  uncomfortable. It was, in fact, very,  very uncomfortable. I felt awkward and silly as I stammered out the words “Photographia Por

Make-up Thief

I am in trouble with this one – who steals my make-up any chance she gets. I don’t get it… it’s not like I am putting on make-up all the time that it is something that she

U. F. W

Another unidentified flying wish has entered the universe when this little boy woke up and turned 11 this morning.


Almost a teen- stuck in between. One world that protects you from the fall and another world that can feel  like a free fall. But even though you may not see me as you walk more into that world of


Since I started my business – I have said  someday I will do travel documentary sessions where I spend the day with the family and then in our down time, I will teach the mom how to use her own

Easter Day

Easter came and went and I was so exhausted from the soccer tournement -I didn’t take many pictures – Sometimes even I just don’t feel like being a photographer – I

Soccer Tourney

We had our first travel game over Easter weekend – Ok.. it wasn’t really a travel game as we were just in Arlington – BUT since our game was at 8PM and then again the next day at 8

The littlest

You know you are used to being the little sister when you’re big sister spits water at you and you don’t even flinch.

Pick-up artist

Maybe its because his birthday is breathing down my neck just waiting to be celebrated at the end of the month – maybe its because it seems like these days it feels like I am in the car more


While we waited for her brother at soccer practice, I sat in the car … she sat on the hood of the car and in that one second when she turned around I saw a glimpse of a girl I will meet in

Storm Chaser

I always say that my journey with photography will be led by my kids – as their journey through life changes so will my photography business… with that said – when they leave the

Passionately yours…

When you are a self-proclaimed over-thinker.. you overthink EVERYTHING – but the perk of overthinking is that I will typically have a quick solution for most problems that I encounter because I

10 minutes

So as we were about to leave for the day we ran into our hotel neighbors – As I  looked at their three children scampering around with my  three children, I gave a huge sigh of relief –

Plan B

I don’t know about you – but when my husband and I plan a vacation it sounds a little like this ” Where do you want to go”… “I don’t know, where do you want

Dream Catcher

For the past year or so, I have been in this “space”. Since 2006, I had  fought an uphill battle  trying to build my family. Through IVF, pregnancy loss, life was filled with tremendous

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The Mueller Family

Ok – so when a fellow photographer hires me I do one of two things… I want to puke because it makes me so nervous. What if I let them down. I then freak out about the session well before

breezy like sunday morning.

When you go to restaurants around here in Texas, you have a choice – Eat indoors where the AC is cranking so hard that you need a winter coat or eat out doors where you melt faster then Olaf in

grocery shopping

The idea of making it a family shopping trip sounded like a good idea… until it wasn’t