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{Pixie Dust Actions and Mentoring Packages}

One -on-one  Skype Session – $200.00    Add to Cart

Before our session you will send me a list of what you are struggling with, your burning questions, and you will send a dropbox of your favorite images in your portfolio.

During our skype session, We will spend 90 minutes  covering any and all questions regarding:

1.) Starting your business -Tips and tricks I have learned along the way. packaging, handling difficult clients and friends and family.

2.) Learning your camera. Let’s talk aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, back button focus, toggling. Learn about how certain lenses work depending on what you are trying to achieve.

3.) Natural Light and how to maximize the light within a location. Why some locations work better then others.

4.) Lightroom and Photoshop: We will screenshare and you can watch my workflow and how I edit one of YOUR photos.


Phone Mentoring –

30 minutes – $75.00   Add to Cart

1 hour – $125.00   Add to Cart

5 – 1 hour packages – $500.00 Add to Cart


“Until you Fly ” – Partnership  Mentoring– (Applications Required to make sure we are a good fit) – $2000.00 – PLEASE e-mail

This is a Partnership – because I believe in your talent and I will be here until you are ready to fly on your own. Just a few of the perks of this program are the following:

–   Unlimited contact any time- Including phone calls before and after shoots to answer your questions

– Photo Critiques

– Screenshares to teach you editing techniques

– Comparing our edits – where you and I edit the same photos – and compare the edits to see how they look to each other.

–  Business advice

–   Workflow Assitance



This Package is a mutual Partnership – I accept Applications and will  make sure that we are a good fit before moving forward with our working relationship. Your application should include some of your recent work, A short Bio – telling me a little about yourself and your “story”.  a list of your equipment, and list off some of your current struggles. Anyone who is interested in this package should be prepared to start investing in their business . If I hear  that you are struggling – I may point you in the direction to start upgrading your equipment and editing programs.

This Partnership isn’t for everyone – but after running a few successful partnership mentoring  programs  – I have come to realize how beneficial it is to have a successful photographer at your beckon call to answer the questions that plague you at the beginning of your journey into the world of photography. I remember what it feels like to be where you are. With a million questions and things to learn it can be  incredibly intimidating to dip your toe into the pool of photography.  I am here to convince you that YOU CAN DO IT…Take that leap of faith and believe in yourself. If your application is accepted – It is because I believe in you – and sometimes all it takes is knowing that someone else is on your side.



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Perfect Pop Action Sets for Photoshop CS5:

Since this is a downloadable product there will be no refunds.


No Fluff – No Hype – Actions are offered A la Carte.  True actions that keep your photos looking vibrant, crisp… Real.


It’s all in the Details  :   $40.00      Add to Cart

This actions allows you to customize your image to make it perfection. List below is what is included in this action:

Recover the Highlights

Skin Brightner actions

Black and white

Midtone Boost

Sharpen the eyes

Paint the Blur

Add some Haze

Color Pop

And soooo much more……



Retro Cool:  $25.00     Add to Cart







BACKLIT ALLEY – $40.00    Add to Cart





Black and White Affair -$20.00 Add to Cart




Keep It Real   –   $35.00 Add to Cart







Eye Candy -$15   Add to Cart



Processed with Keep it Real, Eye Candy and help my skin tones

Help My Skintones : $20.00 Add to Cart




Photo Edits with Keep it Real and Help my Skintones



Dream -$20.00                          Add to Cart



Photo Edited with Keep it Real  and  Dream








WEBSIZE – Free Add to Cart




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