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Ariel has nothin’ on my Mermaid

Those who know Emerson know what a little fish she is. She was “swimming” before she could walk. I still remember being in Florida when she was 15 months old – as we tried to jump , hollar, and hoot to try and get her to take her first steps – But we put her in  the pool and she refused  to lift her head out of the water. As we pulled her up to breathe – she quickly dived back down. I joked that since  Emerson entered this crazy world  she quickly wished she could go back to the womb. Let’s just say she wasn’t a big fan of a world where she wore diapers, had to cry for food, and had to have baths. Seeing her take to water the way she did- I believed that Emerson had found her “home” … her new “womb”. The crazier thing is  where I first heard the name Emerson and fell in love with it. I  was at swim school in California and  I saw this spunky little 2  1/2 year old swimming like a fish.   I stared in disbelief at this little girl while her dad yelled “Emerson, go back to the steps”. … and here I sit from the side  yelling the exact same sentence. Swim lessons have started again and my sweet little fish is sitting with the “big girls” swimming right beside them. And as I sit next to the moms – I am oozing with pride..”Yep – she is mine” .



Swimming is EXHAUSTING


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