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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Finally unpacked the beast known as my underwater housing unit

So I brought what I lovingly call “the beast” – because I know its fun to try and capture something that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to capture. I have this problem though- I really

Lifes a beach

I am on a roll aren’t I? I told my husband I think we went to the beach more then people who live at the beach go. If I am being totally honest – I am still not used to seeing my children face

Last Sunrise

It just seems appropriate that I follow up yesterdays blog post about our first day ofour trip that I should follow it up with our last day of our trip…. (and yes we are still in the car

Cake By the Ocean

Ok -So we celebrated my 42nd birthday driving to Boca Raton. We Made it to Destin after 10 hours in the car and decided to spend the night there and celebrate and while we didn’t have Cake by the

Colorado or Bust (Image Heavy – You have been warned)

Finally getting around to blogging some pictures from our trip to Colorado. The interesting thing is that I really was BAD (for me) at documenting Colorado once I finally got there. It is much easier