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Monthly Archives: March 2016

U. F. W

Another unidentified flying wish has entered the universe when this little boy woke up and turned 11 this morning.


Almost a teen- stuck in between. One world that protects you from the fall and another world that can feel  like a free fall. But even though you may not see me as you walk more into that world of


Since I started my business – I have said  someday I will do travel documentary sessions where I spend the day with the family and then in our down time, I will teach the mom how to use her own

Easter Day

Easter came and went and I was so exhausted from the soccer tournement -I didn’t take many pictures – Sometimes even I just don’t feel like being a photographer – I

Soccer Tourney

We had our first travel game over Easter weekend – Ok.. it wasn’t really a travel game as we were just in Arlington – BUT since our game was at 8PM and then again the next day at 8

The littlest

You know you are used to being the little sister when you’re big sister spits water at you and you don’t even flinch.

Pick-up artist

Maybe its because his birthday is breathing down my neck just waiting to be celebrated at the end of the month – maybe its because it seems like these days it feels like I am in the car more


While we waited for her brother at soccer practice, I sat in the car … she sat on the hood of the car and in that one second when she turned around I saw a glimpse of a girl I will meet in

Storm Chaser

I always say that my journey with photography will be led by my kids – as their journey through life changes so will my photography business… with that said – when they leave the

Passionately yours…

When you are a self-proclaimed over-thinker.. you overthink EVERYTHING – but the perk of overthinking is that I will typically have a quick solution for most problems that I encounter because I

10 minutes

So as we were about to leave for the day we ran into our hotel neighbors – As I  looked at their three children scampering around with my  three children, I gave a huge sigh of relief –

Plan B

I don’t know about you – but when my husband and I plan a vacation it sounds a little like this ” Where do you want to go”… “I don’t know, where do you want