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Monthly Archives: August 2015

breezy like sunday morning.

When you go to restaurants around here in Texas, you have a choice – Eat indoors where the AC is cranking so hard that you need a winter coat or eat out doors where you melt faster then Olaf in

grocery shopping

The idea of making it a family shopping trip sounded like a good idea… until it wasn’t


Everyone can fly – it just takes courage to get off the ground.

Uncharted territory leads to hope.

Earlier this past spring Рthis mama reached out to me wanting me to photograph her little girl. Her last baby Рher baby girl Рwas diagnosed with hearing loss soon after birth. As

18 months

Took Sutton out after I dropped the kids off for school this morning. The weather was perfection… the light was perfection – I couldn’t help myself. I really love authentic images

I survived my summer vacation.

The title says it all – Next Summer is going to ROCK because this summer literally rocked my socks off. From an 18 month old who we have nicknamed “terror tot” – to a

J and K – Dallas Summer Visit

Young love gets a bad rap .. its too clingy… it’s too dramatic .. they aren’t old enough to know what love is. They are too young to be so serious. ¬†But the thing is… Young