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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Birthday Party

One thing I have realized through this journey of Mom-tography… is that the more of a hand that I have in your life – the more my images reflect me and not you. So I have really been


A couple of months ago you asked to cut your hair really short. In fear that you didn’t really know what that meant – or maybe in fear that I knew what that really meant – I let you

The Last Ride

For as long as she could talk she has asked to go on the carousel ride. Yet as we walked by it today – she didn’t mention it. I casually ask – “do you want to go on the


Why eat the cheerios on the table, when clearly the ones on the floor taste better.


Bear with me… our nursing days are limited.. and while about 75 % of me is ready to reclaim a little bit more of my personal life after a year of exclusively breastfeeding… 25 % of me is

Obstacle Course

She is obsessed with climbing through the bar chairs… so when she did it sans diaper.. I did what all moms with a camera would do.. I documented it of course.

Daddy’s Home

He’s been gone on a business trip for 4 days….. quite possibly the longest 4 days of my life. Maybe that is being a little bit dramatic….but as Emerson so eloquently put it before


sometimes love hurts….

Hayden and Sutton

It is kinda cool to get a glimpse into the future and to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, that your son is going to be an incredible father. …someday.

Bottoms up

how can you resist such a cute tushie??


I was trying to convince her that babies nap in their cribs….. she’s not buying it.

2015 MOMTERING WORKSHOP {February Dates}

Capture those fleeting moments in your child’s life with everything you need to start photographing in manual mode today. It’s important to note from the start that my momtering sessions are – as the


The smile I got when I mentioned how someday when his own son begs for his own HUGE lego room .. and when Hayden tells his son “NO” – (Cause lets be real – how many parents

Shared Tears

These tears that fall down your cheeks as you cry … desperate for me – were the same ones that fell down my cheeks as I cried ….desperate for you. It’s these little


What photographer doesn’t jump at the opportunity to photograph a cute little girl in the middle of the Big Apple. Talk about cuteness overload!!! I was in photographer

Deserted Island

Back in the day – I dreaded the dreary cold days at the beach. I would look at days before our trip and with fingerscrossed I would pray that we would have perfect weather. Now- I

Last Shoot of the Season

So I am going to start blogging my sessions for the fall – Here is a little something you never knew about me. When I read magazine I go from the back to the front. .. so It should now be no