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Monthly Archives: December 2014

A day with the cousins

I wasn’t going to bring my camera… and in fact I didn’t – our original plan was to head to a Frozen Party that was being hosted by a little local store – so I

The Lookout

Sometimes it is hard to remember how little they are … when they are the biggest they have ever been.

nap time

She was sleeping ever so soundly. that I did what every “mom with a camera “would do.. I documented every angle that I could… even if it risked waking her up – and you know

Big City , Little Littles

I love seeing the world through their eyes… it is hands down my favorite part of being a parent.

the last starburst

He gave him 2 dollars of his own money.. but more importantly .. he dug back into his pocket and gave him the only thing he had left- his last starburst.

New Normal

When my mother-in-law passed away 2 years ago.. I didn’t think it would change everything… I knew things would be different.. but I thought… it would be ok.. Life unfortunately has

got spoons?

She is obsessed with spoons.. so therefore I am obsessed with getting her spoons.

NY Bound

May sound odd.. but my favorite pictures are the ones I take en route to a family vacation. When ever I look back on them I can remember the excitement the children have about going on an airplane


Sadly last night when I asked if she wanted to make a wish – she said no.. because they never come true. So I threw in a penny and wished that she would always believe in the power of

Santa Baby

I got this cute little hat and was so excited to put it on her little head.. which she proceeded to pull off immediately… So I did what all moms do – I waited until she went to sleep and

These are the days

it’s these times… these very sacred times.. that I hold onto in my heart. So I happened to have my camera in the bathroom with me because I had been taking pictures of Emersons