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Monthly Archives: August 2013

17 weeks

Loving this baby bump and won’t ever forget just how much we went through to get my sweet little lady.  

sunsets and a baby cow

Trying to get the lay of the land before fall session start… so I headed out for a drive to see how the light was hitting on some of my favorite locations. Lo and behold one of my locations has

summer lovin’

Every summer I get him back. He is mine and I am his.  Our daily routines are filled with conversations about life, holding hands, snuggling and sharing our dreams for each other. By the end of the

Be Kind…

We have one simple rule in our family. Be Kind. “Be Kind” covers everything that I feel to be important when raising a child. So while waiting for my husband to pull up with the car,

What is PGD – Anyway??

I have had a lot of messages asking me what is PGD. So I thought I would just jump on here and explain it to everyone.  A little bit of the backstory starts at my sons birth. Five days after Hayden