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Monthly Archives: February 2013


I have memories that are etched into my heart. Chasing them around the house playing MOMSTER is one of them.


When I saw him sitting in the “quiet room” – I wanted to capture his peacefulness…. It was when I changed my perspective , that I then saw hers.

valentines day

Shooting my kids one-on-one is easy…. shooting them together… not so easy. The reality is .. it’s not them it’s me. As you can tell – I got the shot at which point I


superhuman strength comes from the kindest of hearts.

{red} – Rock the Shot

I never realize how many photos I have that have that pop of red… but as I was going through them … it was this one that caught my eye. I remember being this age and I couldn’t

starlight … starbright.

When daddy called ┬áto say goodnight – Emerson had to run outside to show him the stars.


I was recently commiserating with a mom during soccer practice. She mentioned that she is stressed and I absentmindly agreed with her…and as soon as I said it, I backtracked and corrected


We told her it was freezing… she didn’t believe us.