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Monthly Archives: January 2013

happy 4 years old!

Emerson how can you be four. It doesn’t seem possible. You have been such a light and sometimes quiet the SPARK in our lives. Today we head to WOGA to celebrate with your friends. ¬†You are

Winner of the JOBY Strap Giveaway – { which image was the snow overlay}

STEPHANIE COX- FAUST!!! Congrats on winning the JOBY camera strap.. Please e-mail me your address so that I can send it your way.   And here is the Before and after of the image. I am not a huge

snow day -round 2

We woke up to snow, so before school, I let Hayden play in it… and instead of pre-school, I let Em feed the horses. In a last second idea – I threw on her Snow White dress, ran through

A Walk in the light. {52 week blog project – week 3}

It may seem that Em wants to be in front of the camera at all times and that is just not the case. For instance, tonight while on a walk, she was ready to go home. I, of course , was in

{Rock the Shot – Favorite of 2012}

What a hard thing to do… to find the image that speaks to you. After a year of over shooting, I have thousands upon thousands of images that move me. But this one .. this one…is the

bounce back

The joys of being a kid is how quickly you bounce back from a cold…. it’s almost like as we become adults we become bigger babies. What’s that all about? Camera : Nikon d800 Lens:

best friends

She acts like a kitty cat day and night. So when I found a christmas present that I had forgotten about .. a christmas present that sat at the bottom of a box about to be thrown away. .. I knew that

some bunny..

loves you. Camera: Nikon 700 Lens: 85 1.4 F: 1.6 ISO: 400 SS 1/160

Little Miss Clicker – {52 Week Blog Project- week 2}

She went “hunting wabbits” with her camera. Guess I should have known once she got her hands on her own camera – I would no longer see her sweet face.   Shot with Nikon

spot of tea

how do I not grab the camera when she chooses to sit in the afternoon light and drink her spot of tea.   F:1.8, SS 1/500, ISO 400 Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: 35 MM 1.4 Edit: Retro Cool Action with


Here we are in the doldrum of  January. The month that greets almost all photographers with dread.. those photographers who have barely recovered from a busy season are crossing their fingers that

Little getaway – {52 week project – week 1}

We escaped after the holidays. We escaped the confines of the very messy house filled with way too many toys. I live for my family but more often then not the duties of life run the show over here.