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Ready to Upgrade Your Camera Gear this Holiday Season?

This post is for all of you with camera gear on your wish lists to share with your significant others! For those in the market for a new camera and lens, purchase: -a camera body ALONE if you are

20 weeks Ultrasound

Every week is one week closer to meeting my girl. Every week is a blessing. Appreciating every second of this incredibly gift.

dancing queen

Being a dancing queen is WAY cooler then being a drama queen. and how could I resist not sharing this shot of Big Brother looking in on his sisters class.

The P family

What an enormous compliment when someone travel an hour to come shoot with you. I had so much fun with this sweet family. The girls were just precious and mom and dad were total troopers.

The V Family Fall 2013

Loved meeting this sweet mom this weekend. She was just as sweet as can be and kids equally as adorable. She was worried that they would be able to withstand the late time of the photoshoot –

Introducing the McNeil Boys

Love this family and I have loved watching the mom grow leaps and bounds with her photography.  These boys keep me on my toes and keep us all laughing as we do our inventive best to corral them  into

Avery is one

LOVE this sweet family. You can tell they just adore their sweet first baby with all of their hearts… and Avery is one of the sweetest little girls I have had the pleasure to shoot.  I

dance class

Well after last year was a bust with dance lessons we decided to take a break until she got older. We joined once again and she loves it. I can’t shoot inside of the classroom…

We have a walker

After waiting in carpool line for the last two weeks one thing became blatantly obvious… there were not a ton of kids Haydens age waiting to be picked up -seems that many of them are walking

Parker is deaux

I just adore this little man. I met him last year during blue bonnets and was so excited when his mom asked me to capture his 2 year pics. As I toyed around with ideas to help him celebrate I

soccer stories

When I think about telling my kids life story through photography- I smile as I  imagine them as parents and the stories they will share with their own children. The stories of a childhood filled

17 weeks

Loving this baby bump and won’t ever forget just how much we went through to get my sweet little lady.  

sunsets and a baby cow

Trying to get the lay of the land before fall session start… so I headed out for a drive to see how the light was hitting on some of my favorite locations. Lo and behold one of my locations has

summer lovin’

Every summer I get him back. He is mine and I am his.  Our daily routines are filled with conversations about life, holding hands, snuggling and sharing our dreams for each other. By the end of the

Be Kind…

We have one simple rule in our family. Be Kind. “Be Kind” covers everything that I feel to be important when raising a child. So while waiting for my husband to pull up with the car,

What is PGD – Anyway??

I have had a lot of messages asking me what is PGD. So I thought I would just jump on here and explain it to everyone.  A little bit of the backstory starts at my sons birth. Five days after Hayden

learning to let go

Everyday my love for them grows even stronger And every single  day,  so do my fears As they step further away from my grasp I realize I can no longer simply reach out to save them. Save them from

Little T

I was able to connect with some girlfriends from the Highschool days. What is amazing about theses friends is that while we all don’t talk very often on the phone… life is busy for

Uncle Paul

Headed to the beach yesterday with Uncle Paul .. who might be the coolest Uncle EVER!!!  He acts like a big kid which wins over my kids every single time. I sometimes feel sad to not have that big

Out with the new and in with the old

I know … 2 blogs.. one day… things are getting a little crazy over here in L.L.P land. When I packed up my gear to head for my vacation I did something I haven’t done in almost  3

Road Trip to California

If you are familiar with my blog – then you know that we are in Dallas – away from those we love, because of the financial strain of IVF. I count down the days to when I can be closer to

Click Magazine

In the world of forums, blogcircles, contests and the never ending  #hashtag… I find myself to be a bit of a loner. I keep to myself. …only reaching out on the occasional basis to

Shay and her girl

I took some time off from shooting as planning sessions around IVF schedules can be daunting.  Fortunately on the day we had our shoot the weather was perfection and so was her little girl…. it

BBQ at Aunt Moni’s

The hardest part of living in Texas – is not having family here. I get twinges of jealousy when I hear my friends talk about Sunday dinners at Grandmas or even better yet… DATE night

My missing puzzle piece

As some of you may know – we  have been trying for baby #3 for the last two years.  Baby # 3 has been on my heart before baby #1 and 2 were in my ams. I knew before I was married that I wanted

Lucky shot

Sometimes there are shots that just do it for me.. The shots not planned – the lucky shots. The ones you see on the back of your camera as you chimp through your images.  The one that has you


Thought it would be fun to enter the Rock the shot Contest – Silhouette.  While I have ton of different silhouette shots to choose from  – It was this one that I was drawn to. It was

HOUSTON – L.L.P is coming your way!

Well you asked for it and here it is. I will be coming to Houston for 1 day to teach some lucky moms on how to use their cameras. THIS COURSE  is a BEGINNER Course for the mom who is ready to OWN

What’s different

When I started this journey,  I learned really quickly that I had to re-train my eyes to see things that I would naturally overlook. I still have days where I am like..”How did I not see