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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday L.L.P

{WARNING … run on sentences and grammatical errors to follow – I am not a english major…I am  just someone who writes the way I think and feel}   I have had so many people ask

My testament

Literally tears are rolling down my face… While going through photos searching for a particular image of my mother-in-law. I opened up a folder called Emersons Birth. What I found in the folder

Kaitlyn – 2 year old shoot

Kaitlyn seemed a little wary of the crazy lady with the camera in the beginning. But I ended up winning her over through candy and balloons and soon smiles were had by all. and a couple of

Johnston clan

I meet a lot of my clients at coffee shops before our session so that they can follow me to our off-beat locations. So when Julia drove down the street with her head popping out of the window with a


When Michelle called me to book a shoot – she informed me that this was  for her daughter who will be going in for surgery to correct her cleft palate – she knew she wanted to have this

baby steps

to post things that I know everyone else will love is easy.. to post what I love….. as and artist….takes courage. I have taught myself a lot in the last 2 years.. but  along with the


When my mother-in-law passed away last week – my father-in-law distributed her jewelry to her only girls…her daughter-in-laws. As my father -in-law slid her wedding band on my finger