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Monthly Archives: September 2012

eff cancer

I just put my husband on a plane to say goodbye to his mother. This happened so fast. Even though she has battled cancer for the last 5 years. It happened so fast. I remember talking to Marie about

heavy heart

I am awake.. I don’t want to be. My days have been so busy that I haven’t had time to process what has been going on. But now in the stillness of the night – my mind is restless.

Meet up with Melange

A while ago Mary from Melange  contacted me on Facebook to say hello. A fellow photographer from a nearby town – I had recently become familiar with her when her  wall display of her gorgeous


Photographing Emersons gymnastics class can prove to be a bit difficult due to the very thick and smudgy window that separates the moms from their babies. So today – I figured what the


I can’t believe sweet Jeremiah is 6 months old… where has the time gone. It is moving so fast that I am posting the shots from his 3 month shots and his 6 month shots. PS. time slow down


I read the following quote when I was  picking my girl up from school today…They signed it simply Emerson – and it made me smile.- ” Nothing great was ever achieved without

Moving day

Whenever I have friends announce that they are moving – my first thing that I say TAKE PICTURES… Starting a new chapter  is always the time where your camera needs to be with you. Because