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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rhyme and Reason behind my lenses

It can be overwhelming when you are starting out. I mean , what the heck is aperture – and why do I need to even know what it means.  Now, throw in words like  ISO, shutterspeed,

Happy Valentines Day

Hope your Valentines day is filled with love! Enjoy this free download.    

Facing fear…

I was kidding when I told the nurse – “Hey – let me try”.  I saw in your eyes the hesitation when she said “OK”. I didn’t know if you would let me do it. I


Hug*gle – (V) a prolonged hug that evolves into a snuggle:


Is it bad that they told me to start saving for braces. Our only saving grace will be if she inherits my husbands famous missing tooth gene…. FINGERS CROSSED. Thanks to Frisco Dentistry for

Perspective {CMpro Daily}

The world must seem so Big to her. I hope it stays that way.

my boy

I vow to be better at being a part of your world. No matter your age, I will always be yours and you will always be mine.

daddy’s girl

she was happy when he was gone she was sad…