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Monthly Archives: January 2012

my niece

Kaytlin and I have always been so similar.  But one of our strongest connection is our love for photography. 5 years ago we trapsed through Los Angeles – With only a point and shoot in hand ..

the good son

He calls her every day….painfully aware, that someday he won’t be able to . he is a good son – she has raised a good man.  

Unexpected Beauty 2012 – a 52 week project

Come join our project on Facebook – How many of you have taken that quiz where you read a sentence and then they ask you what was wrong with it?  You

3 {CMPro Daily}

tomorrow she is three… so today – I captured all that was two.   – she hurt her lip and got a band-aid –  she stole a donut – she rode a carousel – she helped me grocery

Call Time {CMpro daily}

3 AM call times are tough. I do try and let her cry it out..hoping she goes back to sleep.. but when she doesn’t.. I trudge my sleepy self up those stairs. I walk in her room and she smiles. Without


She always wakes up  hungry – desperate for “faffles and jelly”…Which I know to be Waffles and peanut butter. Moments treasured… even if I wish I was back in bed on this early Sunday

Soccer Mom

Saturday Night Live makes fun of them. New moms fear they will eventually turn into one…and some moms just don’t realize how lucky that they can be one. Hi – my name is Liz LaBianca .. I am 37 years

Soccer Shots

I am sure many of you wonder why there are so many more shots of my daughter then of my sweet boy. … the reality is…My son doesn’t like getting his photo taken…. and I need to

Now I see the light…

When I started this gig last year – I read that once you understand light.. you will see it everywhere you go. I thought to my self “what are they talking about….I see

Valentines day

Tonight I asked for my Valentines day present.. I asked my husband that instead of a gift, I would like him to start grabbing the camera (on his own) to take photos of me with the kids.. not of me

Sutter is 2!

I feel so fortunate to have people like the Wechslers in our lives. My husband and I argue about whose friends they are. Melissa and I became fast friends while our kids were in pre-school, but our

quiet moments..

Laid her down in our bedroom while she was napping… thought she was still sleeping.. but apparently she found Haydens Kindle Fire instead.   So you know I had to grab the camera and

Mother Nature at its windiest best

When the wind picked up yesterday- I decided to head out with my girl. I let her hair down and we went for  our Windy day walk.  We found balloons tied to a mailbox – she was in


I never believed in princesses……life taught me differently. Tonight – she believed she was a princess… Tonight – she believed I was a princess…. While we were

Holding on

Well in two weeks – she is turning three.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I am in love with my little spitfire.. I am not going to lie – The first two years with Em  were rough!

I {heart} faces- Face contest

This shot was one of my favorites from my sessions this year. A huge gust of wind came down the alley and this sweet 6  year old was almost blown away – and she loved every second of it. I love

Manual Focus take 2

I love it when I phone a friend and ask to borrow her 3 year old for a shoot. Determined to get better at new techniques – and tonight I fell in love with photography all over again. Last year

The LaBianca Christmas Vacation

This year we decided to forgo our normal Griswald Christmas Vacation – Which typically involves the mini-van, 3400 miles,  lots of 5 -hour energy drinks and the kids asking “are we there

Shooting Manual … as In Manual FOCUS!

Ok – so since things are slow and I want to have a reason to be the crazy lady with a camera – I thought I would see if it was possible to shoot manual focus. I already shoot in manual

2012 and Beyond……..

Well it is the first day of 2012 and I  am sitting on the couch listening to Hayden read a book to his sister while she brushes  her baby dolls hair. Not one to make resolutions – since that is

Family of the Year – 2011

CONGRATULATIONS  Sanders Family! Winner of a $250 gift card to Liz LaBianca Photography As a lifestyle photographer -I love when  families come to the shoot ready to document more then just posed

2011 Photo of the Year

KELLY You have won a 16 x 20  Canvas  of the image of your choice.   Thank you so all who voted!!! This was my absolute favorite photo of the year. I almost didn’t include this photo in