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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Wrap up for Holiday Season 2011!

  I LOVE photography, I LOVE Children… and I LOVE the Editing… but I would be lying if I said I LOVED Blogging. ┬áIf I could hire someone to blog for me I would do it in New

Manage your Editing Workflow

Pin It One of the the things that I found the hardest to figure out when I started my business – Was how do I find a good rhythm. How do I master a workflow when I feel like I

Haydens Port Surgery

To be writing this post has me filled with so much emotion. The last time Hayden went in for surgery – he was a mere 15 months old. At that time of our lives- we were living in fear of the

Meeting with Santa

So I am not quite sure what it is … but my kids do NOT like being near Santa. I am not the mom to force a kid to sit on a strangers lap – and because of that we have no Santa Clause