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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Breelee Peters

Oh my – could you just eat her up with a spoon. She is so cute and despite being caught in a rain storm.. (not really, just sprinklers) Mom and Dad were great sports and Breelee was full of

Bounce Houses and Carousel Rides

What an amazing family weekend we had and it all had to do with the rain.  Sessions were re-scheduled and soccer games were canceled and the LaBiancas relished in the peace and quiet. This weekend

Bardwell Family

There is no bigger compliment then when another local photographer hires you to take their family photos. When Jennifer Bardwell called me in the beginning of the summer to book her shoot – I

Gotham City

Ok – So I know that my 2 year old really wants to be Belle… But I just couldn’t help myself with the costumes this year. I knew I had one more year where I could convince Emerson

Hands { I heart faces challenge}

I just was on facebook and saw what their new challenge was…HANDS!! My mind quickly jumped to this photo that I took last week during  a family session with a fellow photographer. Before our

The Men at Parks Place

I don’t even know where to start with the amount of incredibly love that I have for this family. A year ago I stopped this pregnant lady and screamed out of my car that I was a photographer and

Julia Poole and Company

Ever since Hayden started school at Pink – All I have heard is… “ohhh do you know Mrs. .Poole – she is the best”…or…We have Mrs. Poole – she is the