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Since I started this gig last  October – I have tried to stay away from stalking the work of other photographers. Outside of the fact that I was trying to establish my own personal style – I also

Mrs. Soto

I remember my first grade teacher like it was yesterday. Mrs. Duncan. She was tall, skinny, and rocked a Dorothy Hamill haircut. She  was so warm that you felt like she loved you with her whole

Racker Family Take 3!!

OK- my goal for Season 2 of  L.L.P is to become a more consistant blogger – So if you have done a shoot with me in the past and it was not blogged about. … I am sorry – I have been

The giving tree

Every Christmas we have a tradition where in the month of December we do something thoughtful for someone once a day. We write what we did on a popsicle stick and put it in a BIG FELT Christmas tree


Disclaimer (typed right before I rushed out the door … please refer to my original post on this blog as I am not an English major) I admit it .. I was that newbie photographer who believed that

Ariel has nothin’ on my Mermaid

Those who know Emerson know what a little fish she is. She was “swimming” before she could walk. I still remember being in Florida when she was 15 months old – as we tried to jump ,

Sweet Cheeks

Couldn’t you just eat her up she is so cute!!!

McElligot Family { New York Photographer}

How excited was I when Melanie e-mailed me back after I mentioned I was coming into town and was opening the books for shoots. I had kept tabs on Melanie through the years because of a mutual friend

First shoot of the Holiday season is off with a BANG!

So last night  officially begins the Holiday Season… and this family did not disappoint. You know what makes a shoot?? It isn’t  me knowing the camera, photoshopping an image, or

Ready…. set … let go Daddy!

Well another milestone reached this morning as my boy learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Learning to ride his bike is a pretty big milestone for all of us.  I have to admit this has


  With regards to the earlier post – I finally snapped his photo. So what if he was making fun of his sister at the time. I think as the kids get older – these photos are

Feed the Birds

So before I get a lot of questions from people asking why there seems to be a million photos of my little girl but that I  seem to be ignoring my beautiful 6 year old – I want to explain. After

Huter Family {New York Photographer}

  Another life-long friend whose busy NY life as working mom keeps us from getting together as much as I would like when I am in town. Again – stars aligned when Vanessa was in the

Baer Family {New York photographer}

. While I was in NY – I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Baer Family. I have known Laura for years – but we have a hard time getting together. Thankfully – the stars