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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Happy Birthday to my big 6 year old.

So truth be told. I started writing this letter to you while we were sitting in Chic-fil-a. I was watching you and Emerson play and the words just started flowing. I was afraid I would forget what I


Eyes are the windows to the soul! There was a time in my life where I was so unsure of myself that I was afraid to really look people in the eyes b.c I was afraid that they would see how fragile I

Spring Break

Over spring break my amazing sister-in-law came into town with her 4 kids.  Now that would be enough to throw anyone over the edge…. until you meet my sister-in-law. I am not quite sure how she


In a world that moves at such a fast pace it is easy to overlook the simple things like a bowl of cereal. This was more than a bowl of cereal as I watched behind the lens as my determined little 2

{Second Cousins once removed}

I am not quite sure what that means but all this time I was under the impression that the “Cousin Moni” was our cousin. Come to find out that she is our second cousin once removed.After

Heather Caine – {Maternity shoot}

Those who know me, know I love being pregnant . So I have a tendency to talk to anyone who is pregnant. I love  asking the typical questions … How far along they are?  Do they know what they

Trip To Turks

What to say about the trip of a lifetime. Living smack dab in the middle of Texas has this california girl constantly yearning for the beauty and tranquilty of the ocean.  I was  really starting to