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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pina Coladas

I don’t know what it is, I don’t even like Pina Coladas …. but whenever I think of going on vacation it involves having warm weather , a nice pool and a big, fat Pina Colada (maybe

Ice Cream and Hopscotch

My sweet lovestruck son! He has been in love with this little girl ever since he laid eyes on her the first day of kindergarten. He came home that first day with love  in his eyes as he asked me if I

Photoshop fun

There is so much to learn and I am having so much fun turning my attention to photoshop. When I started L.L.P I barely had enough time in the day to learn how to operate my camera and

Deep thoughts ….

I still remember pulling out of my driveway  from my college apartment and waving goodbye to my friends…  It’s official – I am a college dropout.  Driving away in my Honda Accord

Dad of the year!

Sorry Dan it is time to pass the baton to a new dad. If only every dad can be as relaxed  and as hysterical as this one. Meeting Kurt I knew we would get along – In seconds we were bantering

Sugarboo Designs

I am so excited to be working  with Sugarboo Designs. I sent them an image where I used their signs as a which point they offered to partner up with my business. Someone pinch me b.c I

Zoe Hendricks

Are you kidding me with this bundle of beauty. I had hoped to make it to the hospital to meet this sweet baby  – but Mother Nature  had different ideas and threw an Ice Storm our


This weekend brought so much fun to the LaBianca household. Dan and I were able to score tickets to the Big Game. Ok – so I admit it -I am not the biggest football fan. A realization that came