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Wrap up for Holiday Season 2011!

  I LOVE photography, I LOVE Children… and I LOVE the Editing… but I would be lying if I said I LOVED Blogging.  If I could hire someone to blog for me I would do it in New

Manage your Editing Workflow

Pin It One of the the things that I found the hardest to figure out when I started my business – Was how do I find a good rhythm. How do I master a workflow when I feel like I

Haydens Port Surgery

To be writing this post has me filled with so much emotion. The last time Hayden went in for surgery – he was a mere 15 months old. At that time of our lives- we were living in fear of the

Meeting with Santa

So I am not quite sure what it is … but my kids do NOT like being near Santa. I am not the mom to force a kid to sit on a strangers lap – and because of that we have no Santa Clause

ode’ to my two year old

sometimes …just so that I don’t miss moments – I set my camera on my knes and while I take her photo – I am able to watch her too. That way – I don’t miss these

Caine Family

Love the Caine family – This was my 3rd shoot with them and  I just think that they are fabulous.. and so darn Gorgeous!!!

Halloween –

Ok – so you are going to think that I am crazy .. but I think I am already going through Empty nest Syndrome. Simple opportunities to create lifelong memories are passing by in a blink of an

Breelee Peters

Oh my – could you just eat her up with a spoon. She is so cute and despite being caught in a rain storm.. (not really, just sprinklers) Mom and Dad were great sports and Breelee was full of

Bounce Houses and Carousel Rides

What an amazing family weekend we had and it all had to do with the rain.  Sessions were re-scheduled and soccer games were canceled and the LaBiancas relished in the peace and quiet. This weekend

Bardwell Family

There is no bigger compliment then when another local photographer hires you to take their family photos. When Jennifer Bardwell called me in the beginning of the summer to book her shoot – I

Gotham City

Ok – So I know that my 2 year old really wants to be Belle… But I just couldn’t help myself with the costumes this year. I knew I had one more year where I could convince Emerson

Hands { I heart faces challenge}

I just was on facebook and saw what their new challenge was…HANDS!! My mind quickly jumped to this photo that I took last week during  a family session with a fellow photographer. Before our

The Men at Parks Place

I don’t even know where to start with the amount of incredibly love that I have for this family. A year ago I stopped this pregnant lady and screamed out of my car that I was a photographer and

Julia Poole and Company

Ever since Hayden started school at Pink – All I have heard is… “ohhh do you know Mrs. .Poole – she is the best”…or…We have Mrs. Poole – she is the


Since I started this gig last  October – I have tried to stay away from stalking the work of other photographers. Outside of the fact that I was trying to establish my own personal style – I also

Mrs. Soto

I remember my first grade teacher like it was yesterday. Mrs. Duncan. She was tall, skinny, and rocked a Dorothy Hamill haircut. She  was so warm that you felt like she loved you with her whole

Racker Family Take 3!!

OK- my goal for Season 2 of  L.L.P is to become a more consistant blogger – So if you have done a shoot with me in the past and it was not blogged about. … I am sorry – I have been

The giving tree

Every Christmas we have a tradition where in the month of December we do something thoughtful for someone once a day. We write what we did on a popsicle stick and put it in a BIG FELT Christmas tree


Disclaimer (typed right before I rushed out the door … please refer to my original post on this blog as I am not an English major) I admit it .. I was that newbie photographer who believed that

Ariel has nothin’ on my Mermaid

Those who know Emerson know what a little fish she is. She was “swimming” before she could walk. I still remember being in Florida when she was 15 months old – as we tried to jump ,

Sweet Cheeks

Couldn’t you just eat her up she is so cute!!!

McElligot Family { New York Photographer}

How excited was I when Melanie e-mailed me back after I mentioned I was coming into town and was opening the books for shoots. I had kept tabs on Melanie through the years because of a mutual friend

First shoot of the Holiday season is off with a BANG!

So last night  officially begins the Holiday Season… and this family did not disappoint. You know what makes a shoot?? It isn’t  me knowing the camera, photoshopping an image, or

Ready…. set … let go Daddy!

Well another milestone reached this morning as my boy learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Learning to ride his bike is a pretty big milestone for all of us.  I have to admit this has


  With regards to the earlier post – I finally snapped his photo. So what if he was making fun of his sister at the time. I think as the kids get older – these photos are

Feed the Birds

So before I get a lot of questions from people asking why there seems to be a million photos of my little girl but that I  seem to be ignoring my beautiful 6 year old – I want to explain. After

Huter Family {New York Photographer}

  Another life-long friend whose busy NY life as working mom keeps us from getting together as much as I would like when I am in town. Again – stars aligned when Vanessa was in the

Baer Family {New York photographer}

. While I was in NY – I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Baer Family. I have known Laura for years – but we have a hard time getting together. Thankfully – the stars

After hours at L.L.P

It never fails that as soon as I head into my studio to clean up from a session that the kids join me and take full advantage of the left over props. This last session – I brought in balloons.

idle time + friends baby + a zing of creativity = one cute photo op

Ok – so I really don’t have idle time as this new gig  has become a full time deal. But as I was planning out a newborn shoot that is just around the corner – I came up with this

I {heart} pets

ok – I am trying to slow down a  little and start enjoying this ride I am on. With that said – I love I heart faces and wanted to join in this competition. This photo was taken in an

First day of School

Hayden going into first grade has kinda knocked me in the gut. By now, back to school clothes are purchased and new backpacks have been picked out. Normally a back to school party is thrown to

Now I …have had… the time of my life {I heart faces}

After grabbing my kids bright and early and running to the beach to check out lighting for a photo shoot – I promised a doughnut run on our way home.  Looking like one frazzled mom, I walked

Tough day for my boy.

When Hayden was born and we found out that he had bleeding disorder, I went into protection mode. For his first 3 years of his life – I wanted NO ONE to know. That sounds silly doesn’t

Eyes {I heart faces}

I have had a number of people say that I am obsessed (Josh Pregram). The thing is – that I am and I am ok with it. L.L.P is my baby – born from my passion – that was only unearthed

Introducing Logan Brooke Baer

How cool is it that I had two of my friends give birth to beautiful girls on July 1st. …my birthday. Well I finally was able to meet Logan on my trip to NY – and while we have a family