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Yearly Archives: 2010


So here I am survivor of  our third 24 hour Road Trip in less then a year.  This trip was so different for me because I traveled across the US with the eyes of a photographer. The beauty of


What fun I had meeting these two sweet girls. We had so much fun driving around McKinney trying to find a cool spot to jump out and take some Pictures. I was smiling as I was editing the pictures as

Bradys Bunch

ok.. yes I think I am so clever that I wrote this same title on my facebook photo album.  I was so excited that Jessica called me up to take some pics of her beautiful kids! With a short amount of

Painting for Jujybee

So this Maternity shoot had me up in the wee hours of the morning..trying to come up with ideas. After talking to Lori and hearing that she didn’t want a typical maternity shoot with her belly

Mimi and Company

What to say about Mimi and her beautiful family??  We didn’t really know each other when I screamed out of my car window that  I was starting a photography business and did she want maternity


“Girls go to College to get more knowledge…. boys go to jupiter to get more stupider”…This was the song sweet Alex sang throughout our photo shoot… the sad thing is that


For those who know me,  know that I LOVE pregnancy – I think it might be one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life. So it is no wonder that I love maternity shoots. This was only my

William, Bella and Emery

I LOVE this family!!!! We met during the summer and to be honest… wasn’t sure if Michelle and I would have a lot in common … “what do you mean you don’t have a cell

Jackson and Austin

What a phenomenal family! So filled with enthusiasm and energy!  I had so much fun meeting this family and I can not wait to shoot them again!


This week has been a little insane as I try and suck the life out of the last good days of fall.  I feel so fortunate that my business has taken off like it has. I look at where I started on October

Paper planes and Secrets

Ahhh – Winter is finally hitting Frisco. The Sun was out , but so was the wind… I now know why photographers start their holiday shoots in September. We still had fun. I came to the shoot

Chloe and Rafael

This mom is unbelievably stunning and so are her children. The shoot was supposed to be with just the children – but I was able to snap some shots of Caroline being Caroline – mom of two

Sutter House Rules

Oh if there was a video camera during this shoot the video definitely would have gone viral. This little peanut has the sweetest disposition and is chill in all sense of the words… what we did

I will have a Sontag with a splash of uncle on the rocks.

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Ryans Hope

I call this blog update Ryans Hope because if sweet little Ryan had words she would  HOPE that the shoot would be over before it began. I met Ryan at the mall when she was 7 months old – I

The Girls with the Curls

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Jenna and Jayce

What a fantastic shoot we had! I was able to swing by a new location that I have been dying to try out and the pictures turned out gorgeous. I have so many favorites from this shoot. Here are just a

{Donut Run}

So I am sitting here typing on my husbands Dell Laptop….Since my 3 1/2 week old Mac is at the apple store being repaired because “someone” splashed coffee on it. I could easily

{OMB, Oh My Blog}

I can’t believe I have my own blog! I am someone who has never had a journal out of fear that someone would read it and here I am writing my words to be published out in cyberspace. I figured I

Hello world!

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